Dear Friends and Clients,

February 13th, 2019

Sorry to get this out so late, but it’s time to gather all your tax documents.  This has been an interesting year as a lot of changes to the tax code have been made, including a major overhaul of Form 1040.
The Tax Questionnaire, Engagement Letter and Worksheets are on our website,  As all Paid Preparers must now comply with IRS Due Diligence regulations, the Due Diligence Questionnaire has been added to the Tax Questionnaire. Please complete all forms and enclose them with your tax documents.
Tax filing with IRS began on January 28, 2019. 
We have two really good reasons for requesting that you gather your tax records now so that you can file early this year! 

  • The first reason is that there is a growing threat of identity theft involving tax returns. When someone files a return in your name with your identity, it can take two years for the IRS to get to the bottom of it. You can imagine the mess that creates with your finances. The best defense is a good offense. File your return as early as you can and beat identity thieves.
  • The second reason we encourage you to file your return early is that if your documents are not in our office by March 21th, additional fees will apply.  Please don’t wait for any brokerage statements or K-1’s   that have not been received.  You can send them when received.

Please call the office to either schedule your appointment or make arrangements to drop off or email your records. The earlier, the better.  Please email documents to
Remember to download your Social Security statement online at  You will need to register with them first, if you haven’t already. Please include it with your tax information so that we can review it to ensure all of your earnings have been posted.
We look forward to seeing all of you and hope you all are staying warm! We appreciate all the referrals you have given us in the past, and we hope you will continue to recommend us to your family and friends. Thank you for your continued confidence in us.

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